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Sabrina Risley
CERTUS Professional Network

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Denver, CO 

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About Sabrina Risley

CERTUS literally redefines how today’s professional approaches business networking. We encourage professionals to show up at networking events, ready to GIVE rather than get. Our experience is vast and our approach is proven. We`ve hosted more than 850 networking events, with 22,000+ professionals passing through our doors. We know selling at networking events does not build a business. It builds walls and pushes people away. You won`t find ``drive-by networkers`` at our events... you know, the person passing out and collecting as many business cards as possible, without any intention of following up with anyone they meet. Our events are open to all businesses and industries, without membership, attendance or referral passing requirements. Just come when you can, pay as you go. With 10 networking events in the greater Denver metro area, we`re probably networking right in your backyard, where you want to meet people and do business. Join us and experience the CERTUS difference.

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