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Press Release 101    Written by: Mo Kanwischer on 7/22/2010
Learn how to create a Press Release


How Do You Know What to Write About?    Written by: Tara Jacobsen on 9/29/2010
Ever have trouble figuring out what to write about for your blog, email newsletter, website or other marketing material? Look here for some great ideas

Business Growth

It's a Three Legged Stool Thing    Written by: Maureen (Mo) Kanwischer on 10/3/2011
How many of you started your business because you love to sell? Or because you love to do the bookkeeping and accounting for your company? Or create processes or manage employees?My guess is: not many!

But all of these “other” responsibilities are vital to a successful small business and, if you are like most small business owners, these vital tasks get back-burnered while tending to the day to day obligations of your business.

3 Squares Productivity Tool    Written by: Tara Jacobsen on 11/14/2011
Are you looking for some help to be more productive with growing your business? Tara Jacobsen shows you how you can focus on your goals with this helpful tool.


Checklist of Things You Need for a Trade Show    Written by: Robert Romano on 11/23/2010
Need a quick list of items you will need when you do a trade show booth? Robert Romano of Aces DJs offers this list that he finds useful to check before going to any event that you sponsor, or DJ!


Strategies for Difficult Conversations    Written by: Maureen (Mo) Kanwischer on 6/16/2011
We’ve all been there – the need to initiate a conversation with employees, your boss, your spouse or your friends about something that you’re not particularly comfortable with. And unfortunately, the usual action is no action. We put off having the conversation hoping the issue will resolve itself or simply go away. But it doesn’t, and there comes a point when you know you have to suck it up and begin communicating. ...


Celebrate Your Story    Written by: Lisa Shultz on 8/16/2010
As human beings we experience many events over the course of our lives, yet we seldom get to share them in a way that leads to change, transformation for others who may be experiencing something similar.


Leadership - Lesson from Teens    Written by: Terri Norvell on 5/9/2011
I recently did a leadership session for my daughter’s 8th grade leadership class. Actually it was two sessions for two classes back to back…and what an eye opening experience. For these junior-higher’s I used an abbreviated leadership outline normally reserved for my corporate programs. We didn’t even get past the second point with all the questions and interaction we had. These 14 year-olds shared answers consistent with adult dialogs. Here are some key take-aways that you might find useful, both personally and with your work teams.


How to Make the Most of Your Time and Money at a Trade Show    Written by: Lisa Huntington-Kinn on 11/9/2010
Instead of just standing at your table at a trade show, learn how to make it more effective and worth while to you!

10 Key Items Ever Small Business Website Must Have    Written by: Heather Florence on 8/2/2011
Your website should be one of the most valuable marketing tools you have. To be sure you make the most of it, use these ideas when creating your website.

A Time For Marketing    Written by: Maureen (Mo) Kanwischer on 8/30/2011
The Byrd’s 1960s hit, Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There is a Season) proclaims there is a season for everything including a time to sew and a time to reap. And, if a sixties folk group isn’t enough motivation, the Bible originated the concept. This is the time of year to sew your marketing plan so you can reap the benefits! A marketing plan is a roadmap for your business. It does not have to be complicated. Nor should it be. The point is to have a written plan that you can follow and measure throughout the year. It should be simple enough that it is actually useable.

Pinterest Marketing - Advanced Techniques    Written by: Tara Jacobsen on 6/27/2012
Just wanted to pop you a quick video to go over Pinterest and how to name your boards (with some board setup tips thrown in for fun). That being said, I know some of you need a little less (what the heck is Pinterest anyways) and some need a little more (I know what Pinterst is and need to know what the heck to do next!)


Internet Safety for 2012 and Beyond    Written by: Jeri Morgan on 1/8/2012
Learn how to protect yourself from online scams that include email, Facebook, Paypal, your bank and more. Don't be a victim.


Don't Listen to your Mother, Talk to Strangers    Written by: Mo Kanwischer on 6/30/2010
Why it's good to talk to strangers, especially at networking events.

How To Leverage Real Life and Online Networking    Written by: Tara Jacobsen on 9/29/2010
We all know that the best way to make sales is by getting "belly to belly" with our prospects. Sometimes though, that can be very time consuming.

Building Your Network Through Gravitational Pull    Written by: Sabrina Risley on 3/13/2011
Bob Burg, author of Endless Referrals, The Go-Giver and Go-Givers Sell More explains the difference between pushing vs pulling like this: “pushing is telling people what you want; pulling is finding out what they want. . Pull strategies take the focus off of you and your sales and include genuinely taking an interest in others, connecting people to leads and resources, building relationships and giving in ways that meet the needs of others.

The Most Important Factor in Receiving Referrals = YOU!    Written by: Sabrina Risley on 4/5/2011
Now more than ever, referrals are a key component to business growth. The Referral of a Lifetime by Tim Templeton is one of my faborit books and one I recomment to many professionals.

Social Networking

B.L.O.G. - 4 Benefits to Blogging    Written by: Sabrina Risley on 4/20/2011
With the aid of the Internet, it’s easier than ever to reach a larger audience, whether for business or personal reasons. A blog is just one of the tools leveraged on the Internet. But what is a blog and how can a blog benefit your business?

Social Media: Power Hour    Written by: Lisa Shultz on 11/9/2010
Social Media is an amazingly affordable marketing strategy that is easy to use to grow your business and your sphere of influence and authority. Networking through social media sites can be done efficiently if you have a plan in place and a self-regulated time limit.


Writing Good Copy for your Website    Written by: Heather Florence on 10/5/2010
Planning for your website is just as important as having one. Take the time to follow these rules and ideas to ensure your website will be search engine optimized from the get go.

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